What happens when your travels end

I still regularly receive lovely comments and messages, even though I have sorely neglected Rachel Travels blog for a while now, so I thought it only fair to fill you in on what happened next…

The homesickness didn’t budge. I was torn, as I loved Peru. But my true home was calling. So nearly a year after I had set off from London, I decided there really is no place like home.

Such a journey doesn’t happen overnight when you have been living high in the Andes: a flight from Cusco to Lima, where I peered out the window at those lovely mountains. Then a night in Lima, back at the same hostel where my adventures began. That was very strange; some things had changed a lot since I was last there. But the smell, – always the most evocative of the senses – the smell of the hostel was the same and took me right back to those first, thrilling, nerve-wracking days where I was waiting for my adventure to begin.

Finally the day of my departure from South America had arrived. As the taxi drove me through the traffic-clamoured streets of Lima and the evening sun beamed down, I suddenly wanted to tell the driver to stop and turn back. Am I making the right decision, leaving?

Yet somehow, just like when I came out here, I found my feet taking me to the airport and walking me through the motions. I didn’t look back.

It was time to start my next adventure.