What happens when your travels end

I still regularly receive lovely comments and messages, even though I have sorely neglected Rachel Travels blog for a while now, so I thought it only fair to fill you in on what happened next…

The homesickness didn’t budge. I was torn, as I loved Peru. But my true home was calling. So nearly a year after I had set off from London, I decided there really is no place like home.

Such a journey doesn’t happen overnight when you have been living high in the Andes: a flight from Cusco to Lima, where I peered out the window at those lovely mountains. Then a night in Lima, back at the same hostel where my adventures began. That was very strange; some things had changed a lot since I was last there. But the smell, – always the most evocative of the senses – the smell of the hostel was the same and took me right back to those first, thrilling, nerve-wracking days where I was waiting for my adventure to begin.

Finally the day of my departure from South America had arrived. As the taxi drove me through the traffic-clamoured streets of Lima and the evening sun beamed down, I suddenly wanted to tell the driver to stop and turn back. Am I making the right decision, leaving?

Yet somehow, just like when I came out here, I found my feet taking me to the airport and walking me through the motions. I didn’t look back.

It was time to start my next adventure.



14 thoughts on “What happens when your travels end

  1. Such an inspiration blog you have!! Admire with your travels! Mind giving me some tips for traveling? As this is going to be my first somehow adventure trip with friends! Would love to hear from you soon!

    Have a nice day! 🙂

  2. I always wonder what happened to people when I see their travel blog posts suddenly stop, thanks for sharing!

  3. When I come back from my travels, I so want to go back again! I doubt though if it would be the same the second time. For me, it’s not as thrilling to return to the same destinations again as compared to the thrill that I get while discovering new places.

  4. Hello Rachel,

    Thanks for sharing your travel stories. Although you’ve hung your boots (I assume) they’re still very useful for people like me looking to embark on a similar trip.

    I’ve got a question that perhaps only people like you can help with. Do you mind sharing some details on how you managed to stay in Peru for an extended period, i.e. the type of visa you obtained?


    • Hi there A.,
      Thank you for reading! I was able to stay 3 months at a time in Peru; you just need to make trips over the border to re-enter to regain the 3-month tourist visa.
      This may have since changed, and applies to UK citizens.
      Plenty of people are doing it so don’t worry 🙂
      Happy travels,

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