Where did I go?

Map showing my route through South America by Nicola Anstey

My route through South America (Map designed by Nicola Anstey)

My route through South America

August-November 2012

Peru: Lima Cusco Urubamba > Machu Picchu > Puno

November-December 2012

Bolivia: La Paz > Uyuni

December 2012

Chile: San Pedro de Atacama
Argentina: Salta > Cordoba > Buenos Aires
Uruguay: Colonia > Montevideo > Buenos Aires

January-February 2013

Argentina: Buenos Aires – Iguazu – Salta – La Quiaca

February-March 2013

Bolivia: Villazon > Tupiza > Atocha > Oruro > La Paz > Desaguedero

March-May 2013



6 thoughts on “Where did I go?

  1. Hi Heidi, It is a great city! You can easily walk around – it’s compact and safe and pleasant to wander round. The Old Town (Ciudad Vieja) is particularly interesting and is where most of the museums are. Some museums are free – my favourite was the Museo de Artes Decorativas. You can also visit the quirky Museo Gurvich – on Uruguay’s most famous artist – for free on Tuesdays (http://www.museogurvich.org/index_1.html).
    The seafront Ramblas is a 13-mile long promenade where everyone strolls or hangs out in the sunshine. The best city beach is at Pocitos.
    There’s a great cafe culture too, which I’m writing about right now, so watch this space!

    Any other questions, just shout!
    Happy travels, Rachel

  2. Great; thanks Rachel. Any recommendations for a budget hotel? (Pref a single room, not dorms) Looking forward to your cafe culture piece!x

    • Hm it’s tricky to find a cheap single room. There are plenty of 1-star hotels in the blocks either side of Avenida 18 Julio – they’re cheaper for rooms than all the hostels I asked at, but you’re still looking at around US$25-30 a night (without breakfast).

      Of the 1-star hotels, I recommend Hotel Ideal (Colonia 914); and for hostels, Planet Hostel on Canelones by the corner of Paraguay. The dorms are half empty at the moment so it’s nice and quiet – you might get one to yourself.

      Hope this helps!

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