Expert travel tips: Cordoba

At Cordoba’s bus terminal, got a while to wait? Or just arrived and need to find stuff out? Head to the food court upstairs where there’s free WiFi. You don’t even need to buy anything from the cafés there to use it. There’s also a big supermarket there if you need supplies.

Alta Gracia
An hour’s bus trip from Cordoba, but unless you’re heading out on a country hike, there’s not much to see here apart from Che Guevera’s house and museum, which now charges a whopping Ar.$75 entrance fee – an 110% rise from the price my guidebook quoted in 2011, so be warned.

Che Guevara's House, now an overpriced 'museum', in Alta Gracia

Che Guevara’s House, now an overpriced ‘museum’, in Alta Gracia

Mate Hostel
, Alvear 396
This place was simply the cheapest we could find in the city. The dorms were rammed with as many bunkbeds as they could possibly squeeze into the rooms, and with no AC nor even fans they were stifling, and with the windows open over the busy road junction below, the traffic noise was unbearable. There were only three showers/toilets for all these people, and staff closed them for cleaning at peak hours in the mornings! All this and the staff treat you like it was an honour you got to stay there. Nightmare. Though I have to admit, the very nature of this environment made it an excellent place to get talking with people – dinner time in the kitchen was much like a house party.
What I paid: Ar.$60 for a dorm bed, shared bathroom, breakfast included.
Showers: Gas; good.
Internet: WiFi; one PC.
Other amenities: shared kitchen; lounge area with TV, stereo and pool table; roof terrace with BBQ.


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