Expert travel tips: Salta

  • The siesta is big here – all the shops, markets, banks and offices close between 1-5pm. Good thing is, they stay open until 9 at night.
  • Whatever you do, do not miss David’s sandwiches (Bartolomé Mitre 389). A local legend who has dedicated his life to helping disadvantaged children, he also makes fantastic sandwiches, such as roast beef and mustard.
  • If you’re travelling between Salta and Cordoba, go for Balut bus – for just a bit extra than the other companies, the service and comfort is exemplary. Their new fleet of cama-suite buses give you your own private booth, a seat that reclines fully, a blanket and pillow, personal LCD media screen, and regular food and drinks served to you on a tray. I didn’t want to get off.
Balut bus in Salta's terminal

Balut bus in Salta’s terminal

Hostel del Centro, Cordoba 83
This small hostel is in a traditional one-storey colonial building with high-ceilinged rooms and wooden floors, but sadly appears to have been neglected somewhat by its owner. The bathrooms were functional but ropey and not very clean. The name doesn’t lie though – it must have the most central location in the city – just two blocks from the main plaza.
What I paid: Ar.$130 for private double, shared bathroom, breakfast included (cornflakes, pastries, teas, coffee).
Showers: Gas; excellent pressure. Just not the cleanest.
Internet: WiFi; one PC.
Other amenities: shared kitchen, TVs in rooms, small courtyard with tables and chairs.

Hostal del Centro is the bright red and orange building

Hostel del Centro is the bright red and orange building


2 thoughts on “Expert travel tips: Salta

  1. Como argentino, doy fé de todo lo que mencionas. Salta es una hermosa provincia. Viajar en la empresa Jujeña “BALUT” es realmente obtener un servicio de primerisima clase. Esta empresa de origen de la provincia de Jujuy, siempre sobre sale por su atención, comodidad y catherine. Un saludo

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